Japanese Landscape Design and Construction
for indoors and outdoors

In the creation of Japanese gardens the most important consideration, regardless of size or location, is the composition of elements to reflect the spirit of a natural landscape. Thoughtful arrangement of a garden’s materials reveals the essence of a natural scene, and turns raw earth, stone, and vegetation into an extraordinary landscape that inspires quiet contemplation and reflects peace and tranquility.

The Japanese garden artist respects nature in all seasons and embraces all of its offerings, not simply flowers of spring and summer. The artist considers how the composition can enhance lush greenery, autumn foliage, piling snow, and blooming flowers to create a garden which can be appreciated as a year-round treasure.

Indoors or out, the beauty of a Japanese garden lends itself to contemplation and meditation. The dynamic components encourage awareness, while the gardens overall arrangement cultivates balance and harmony. Whether you appreciate high art or just enjoy a simple and pleasing landscape, the Japanese garden offers years of an enriched experience of peace and relaxation.

Please look in the gallery for some of the gardens Masa and Yuko have designed and installed, and view comments from their customers. If you have questions or comments of your own, please email us.